Printing Perth

In this generation Printing has become very necessary for every business owner or corporate company. Not just because it is a cheap way to promote your service or product compared to TV media but because it is the visual marketing tool which helps creating a better image in people’s mind and help you attracting more clients into your business.

TV commercials are a very good medium for ads but its way costly and its drawback is people will see them but there is a chance they might forget about it. Digital printing is the way to reach people physically and there are more chances that they will save your printed material and it will remind them to contact you whenever they need your service.
S & T is well known name in whole Perth in printing field. We provide all kind of printing service for your service or product.

Let’s have a look at some of our main printing service.

Business Cards Printing: Business cards are the most popular and necessary marketing tool now a days. Every person needs it, No matter if they are freelance worker or an entrepreneur.

Letterheads & Invoice Printing: Letterhead is very important thing for every registered or even for unregistered company. There are many uses of letterhead like job offer letter, tenders, notices, certificates, experience letter, approval of the purchase of stationery or many other office materials, quotation of estimate, etc. these are the major reasons a company must have printed letterheads.

Same as letterhead, an invoice is necessary for all business even if it’s just service business and not selling goods. You will always need to give invoices to clients to show them that your business is trustworthy and you pay taxes.

Calendars & Postcards Printing: These are two least but very effective things for every business. Calendars printing is beneficial In both ways, one you put them on your workplace wall and other is you give them to other people or offices to use. It will help a lot because all the people who visit your office or others office or home, they will sure look at the wall for once at least.

Post cards are very useful to send different types of letters or documents to clients or to other places. It’s the safest and somewhat a legal option. You can use it to carry invoices, letterheads, tenders, notices and many other documents.

These are not the all printing service S & T provide, we do almost every kind of printings. For home and office use both.

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