New Graphic Design Trends

The new year 2017 has come with lots of changes including changes in Graphic Design field too. With time being this field is becoming more and more interesting because of new inventions. Let’s take a look at some of the new trends which will make a big impact in upcoming years.

  1. Louder and Brighter Colors

graphic design perth

Over the past few years, many tech leaders used muted, safe and easy to digest colors. This was in an endeavor to create a very clean and controlled design scheme. It was almost an attempt to show people that the better, functional future they have watched in science fiction movies was already here.

using bold colors used with sharply edited photos to create in-your-face designs.

This type of color usage has become part of their brand, which means that their images are quickly recognizable. And when you are competing for real estate on social feeds, powerful branding like this will help you win 2017.

Just because many companies will be changing their boring color schemes in 2017 doesn’t mean there needs to be a color revolution in your company. Some companies will be just changing little colors only, and it will make all the difference.

Using bold color themes will also help many brands fasten to their minimalist roots. By keeping backgrounds natural and just changing to bright colors, companies can give their brand marketing a very new look without going too away from what made them great.

This simple redesign helped bring them into a whole new era and get all of the various apps under one color.

           2. Bold Fonts

graphic design perth

Another trend of  2017, bold Fonts will also stand against the ever-dropping attention period of readers, and the concentration of content. Big and bold fonts will be used to catch the eye.

best of my favorite examples for this would be as below. We will use a mix of fonts to highlight individual titles and establish a rank of information on the page.

Also, Moving to mobile and extraordinarily high definition screens will also boost the need for bold fonts. Apparently, more and more people will be using their cell phones to get content, so the way that content is showed will need to keep up.

  1. Use of Photos:

As the numbers of content created each year keep increasing, the need for unique images has increased as well. So to enlarge the shelf span of some of these images, the designer will have to create them as generic as possible.

The need for simple and unique images in everything has only agitated the problem as well.

When reader seeing some of the images for the hundredth time, I will think that the writer or creator does not care about creating their work more of the original. So why would I care reading it?

That is why you need to start creating unique, original images that speak for your brand. Stop using the most common images from the internet and start making some of your own.

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