Why Should You Choose S & T For Your Printing Need?

Why Should You Choose S & T For Your Printing Need?

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Small to Large Printing Formats

allows an image to be print onto almost every type of material. Whether clients require enormous posters for billboards to publicize an event, a banner to be trailed behind an aircraft at a festival or other outdoor arena, or presentation checks to be presented to organizations, or lottery winners, the opportunities now available for large format printing has expanded. It is also possible to have a life-size printed replica of people, cars or animals.

S & T is the expert brand name in Large Format Printing since many years

Better Ink Technology

Eco dissolvable ink is not really Eco-friendly. The distinction comes in the sorts of transporters it employments. These transporters are known as glycol esters and work to shield printed things from things like the wind, the rain, and whatever else that it may come into contact with. It does this by for all intents and purposes sticking the hues down onto the page, so they aren’t presented to the outside. The least demanding approach to consider it resembles a shield.

We use this new eco-friendly inks which are very affordable than past techniques for printing for open air utilize. What’s more, it implies that both customers and organizations can minimize their expenses. This ink is really a progress on the first dissolvable ink and one can just envision what sort of ink will show up later on.

Advanced Equipment

Since everyone wants the best results, S & T is committed to delivering the better than best in all type of printing services. We have the most advanced equipment for quick and affordable print as well as the most accurate result. No matter if its screen printing or CMYK printing or large scale banners printing, we have all the printing machines available. We print many things like brochures, flyers, business cards, calendars, postcards, books and also we print those in all different formats like A5, A4,  A3, DL.

Here at S & T, we don’t just provide printing service but  also we have team of expert designers who can convert your imagination into reality by creating best ever design which you just have in mind, just visit us and tell us what kind of printings you want to get done and what’s your idea and how you want it designed. Leave rest to us and we will provide you the best designed printed material.

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