How to Choose the Right Shape for Your Business Cards?

How to Choose the Right Shape for Your Business Cards?

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If you are looking for business cards design, or you don’t have anything in mind but still you need business cards, then this is the blog is for you. There are many points to keep in mind before start choosing your Business Cards design or you hire someone to design. And decide on stuff like fonts and color. So first of all you will need to start from choosing the design of your cards. Let’s have a look at some main types of Business Card design orientation.  

The size and orientation of business cards are the first things you must think about. We have divided this into 3 parts.

  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Square or Special Cuts


The landscape composition is the most used orientation. As in positive note, it is simple to read landscape Business Cards quickly, especially when you kept it in a card holder. This type of format can be printed by almost every printer.

As in negative point, this type of Cards are very common in use. Almost majority people are using this format. So if you go for this format it won’t look any unique among crowd of other Business Card pile.
The portrait orientation sure has a more delicate and cleaner look. personally, I like this orientation and most of my clients would agree with me. Portrait cards also can be printed by all printer, same as landscape cards.

The major drawback is that this format is tough to read when the card is placed in a business card holder, but beside this they are excellent.
Square or Special Shapes
When you really want to be unique than a square or special shape is the format you should chose. It’s an attracting way to represent a business card to your customers because it’s very much different from standard cards Formats.

Many printers offer business cards in square format. And few printers can cut Business Card in any shape like a rectangle or circle.

Again, the negative point is to try fit this card in your office card holder and also this unique shape cards will cost you lot more than regular shapes.

So how do you select the perfect shape of Business Cards for yourself ? The first point is to check out your business’ nature and then see how you want to do the branding and marketing process.

The another factor is the budget. If you are looking to save money than you should go for basic formats.

And still if you have any problems in this selection you can just call S & T and get the professional service to chose you Business Cards shape and also the further process like design and content.

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