How to choose good business cards?

How to choose good business cards?

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A business card plays a vital role in any good marketing strategy. Business cards wouldn’t able to say all about your business but it can make the first impression for your business cards. It may present your and business image on the viewer. In today’s era, good and impressive business card is a very important tool for any business.
How to choose a good business card is might be most asked a question. You should pick up right style card that is suitable for your business, industry and your personal taste. If you have toys business then you might be choosing some bright and bubbly style of business card that represents your business. It is very important to choose the right style for your business card.

There are few types of business cards from which you can pick up your perfect one.

1. Classic Cards
A classic or traditional card is mostly printed in black ink on plain white or cream stock. This type of card is simple although very clear and professional. If you have any traditional business this might be a perfect choice for your business.
2. Picture Cards
Sometimes an image can speak more than hundreds of words. Having an image on your card may better represent your product or service. Some bright colour will add an extra on your image business card. If you have kind of graphic business then this might be the best choice for your business card.
3. Tactile Cards
You can easily say the difference between tactile cards and other cards because of material being used. In tactile cards, the material used is metal or wood or have unusual shapes, edges, folds or embossing. These type cards are more expensive compared to another style. If you are in such kind of business where show off matters, this design is perfect for you. They are worth of price if you choose the right one.
4. Multipurpose cards.
The title says all, this type of cards can serve for more than just promotion. You can use as promotion coupon, meeting reminder or any other use according to business needs. If you are in the food business, this card is just right one for you. You can use as a business card and use a discount coupon or use to write customer’s detail or delivery address.
One you decide which type of card will suit your business and fulfill all your taste and needs. Next step will be deciding the right size and weight for your business card. A light weighted and regular size card will add an extra glim on your business card. Another important thing is finishing card. It might be smooth, liner or extra smooth finish according to your choice.
One more important factor is colour of your business card. It entirely depends upon type of cards and your business. Too simple or too bright colour may ruin your business card so it’s important to finalize balance colour coordination.
There is too little information you can include on your business card due to its small size. You need to carefully consider all aspect before finalising your card. You may include your name, your business name, logo, website name, products/services, your title or social accounts. At S & T, we offer all types of business cards that will cater all your business needs.

One Final Tip
When you create the business cards then all information is included in your business cards. So will easily contact you. This means your name, title, company name, address, phone number (or numbers, if you want to include your cell), e-mail and Web site. If someone wants to contact you after receiving your card, you sure as heck want them to be able to.

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